3D Printed Cabin Has Living Succulent Wall Made of Planter Tiles


August 15, 2019 by

The same innovative minds that brought us the 3D printed concrete planter bricks I gushed about a while back have now applied their technical and design expertise on a larger scale in the creation of a 3D printed dwelling.

To construct the Cabin of 3D Printed Curiosities, San Francisco-based 3D printing MAKE-tank, Emerging Objects (co-founded by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello), used hundreds of variously shaped planter tiles to create living wall of succulents for the structure’s front facade.

The designers integrated a number of their technologies into the cabin’s construction.

To form the roof and the textural facade, they used 3D printed ceramic rain screen composed of Seed Stitch tiles–an easily assembled wall cladding system that visually emulates a knitting technique of the same name. Due to very high speed printing, the the knitted wall tiles all have intentional unique anomalies that, ironically, create an almost hand-made effect.

Made from bio-based plastic derived from corn, translucent white “Chroma Curl Walls” illuminate the cabin interior and exterior, transforming the structure into an abstract light beacon.

Interior decor too consists of Emerging Objects’ 3D printed furniture, light fixtures and pottery, all lit by color-changing LED lights.

Continuously experimenting with materials, software, and hardware, Rael and San Fratello demonstrate the architectural potential of additive manufacturing technology (a 3D technique that applies successive layers) to build weather tight, structurally sound structures while also addressing housing issues on a micro scale.

Photos from Emerging Objects.


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