Bamboo Wood Flooring as an Eco-friendly Option

Bamboo Wood Flooring as an Eco-friendly Option

For people who are remodeling, eco-friendly flooring has become almost a staple. In my line of work – working for an architect, that is – I’m seeing a heck of a lot of cork flooring. I’m also seeing some concrete flooring. Both are great choices, but I’d like to talk about another great option for green flooring that hasn’t yet gotten as hot.

I’m talking about bamboo wood flooring. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly options on the market today. It is a great green flooring alternative to other types of flooring. First of all, it grows like crazy. Some types of bamboo can actually grow up to a foot per day. That makes it far more renewable than traditional hardwoods.

Many people falsely believe that hardwood is the strongest flooring available, but that’s simply not true. There are actually many types of bamboo that are actually stronger than wood. Bamboo wood flooring has been tested to be harder than maple and twice as hard as red oak. It is a great green flooring alternative to many other types of flooring.

If you are laying a new floor in your home, you want it to look good. Whether or not you’ll like bamboo depends on your personal style and what’s appealing to you, but it looks quite similar to hardwood and it’s extremely attractive. The drawback is that it can’t easily be stained, so what you purchase is what you get. It does, however, come in different stain colors and those colors are mostly affected by how it’s been baked.

Last, if you’re remodeling on a budget, bamboo might be a great choice for you. The cost of the actual floor depends on a number of factors – but can run between about $3 – $8 per square foot. Compare that to the cost of hardwood or travertine, which typically runs between $4.50 – $6.00 per square foot. If you go with a lower grade of bamboo, which is still quite high quality, you can easily save over the cost of other options.

You can also save money on the installation of bamboo wood flooring. for do-it-yourself types, this type of flooring can easily be installed by yourself. Most people install bamboo as a floating floor. You don’t need adhesive (which is good, because adhesive contains VOCs). Installing is basically as simple as connecting sections of flooring. The most difficult part may be adding subflooring.

Overall, I give bamboo wood flooring a 9.5 on a scale of 10. It’s extremely eco-friendly, the price is right, it looks great, it holds up well, and it’s easy to install and care for. As you look for new flooring, don’t overlook this great green flooring.

Bamboo Flooring Advantages

If you are undertaking the flooring work of your house and looking for various flooring options available in the market, then you should take into consideration, the bamboo flooring as it is cost-effective and durable. The best part of bamboo flooring is that it is resistant to water.

Outdoor bamboo flooring is a new and versatile style of flooring that adds beauty and grace to your floor. Bamboo is a strong wood that grows relatively faster than hardwoods and is really a strong wood due to the climatic conditions in which it grows. Thus, the bamboo flooring is very strong and durable. Benefits of bamboo flooring.

Nowadays, bamboo flooring is among the best styles of flooring as it offers many advantages such as durability, easy installation, low maintenance cost, etc. Hence if you are thinking about flooring in your house, you can definitely go for outdoor bamboo flooring.

Below given are the various advantages of bamboo flooring:

Renewable resource– the bamboo trees grow relatively faster and thus it is a renewable source. A bamboo tree hardly takes five to six years for gaining maturity.

Easy to clean– it is really easy to clean and maintain a durable bamboo floor. In order to clean your bamboo floor, you can just sweep it or vacuum it.

Wide range of shades– if you go for bamboo flooring you will have lots of options to shop from, as bamboo comes in a wide variety of shades and styles.

Durable- bamboo flooring is strong as well as durable. Hence, while installing it you don’t have to keep in mind the foot traffic in the area of your house and thus you can install it in any area of your home. It is so strong that you generally get a guarantee of twenty-five years while purchasing.

Easy installation-bamboo flooring offers easy installation, as the process of installing is really straight. You can get it installed in your house in just a few hours.

Cost- the bamboo flooring is a comparatively cheaper option than hardwood flooring. The bamboo flooring comes in a wide range depending upon the style, grade, material, veneer, finish, etc.

Water-resistant– bamboo flooring is water-resistant and hence it is an excellent idea as you don’t have to cater much about its maintenance.

In conclusion, you can hire professionals and get the bamboo flooring installed in your house to add to its elegance. Hiring them online will be the best cost-effective solution and can have a wide range of choices.