Plant Hardiness Zone Map For US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Plant Hardiness Zone Maps help to choose the right plants for your garden. In our Plant Encyclopedia, you can find zone for each and every plant. This will help you to grow flowers, herbs, trees, bushes, and other plants successfully. On this page, you can find maps for the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map For The United States:

This map is provided by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). On its official website you can get more information, interactive maps, and search for a zone by ZIP code or state.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map For The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland:

Map author information

According to the information on Wikipedia ( there are 4 zones in Britain and Ireland.

As Plant Hardiness Zone Map was first developed by USDA, the Average Annual Extreme Minimum Temperatures for zones are the same:

Plant Hardiness Zone Map For Canada:

This map belongs to Visit it for exploring interactive maps of Canada.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map For Australia:

The map is provided by

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