Bahiagrass for Lawns – Description, Uses, Advantages

Pensacola Bahia is another name of Bahia Grass. The grass grows in hot areas and remains for a long time and is also recurrent. It is famous for its twin protuberant, its v shape like structure which consists of pointed leaves. The base of every leaf at the end has a purplish color. The twin protuberant is attached on top of the slim stem are also attached after one another. Rarely, a third twin is attached in a row.

The Bahia Grass is deeply ingrained and a hard grass which is used in the southern part and in a hot sunny day. Even in the topsoil susceptible to erosion, this grass can easily adjust and grow. The grass stays longer even in the worst condition of the soil.

Useful to know

  • The grass is hard and grows low.
  • The grass cannot be moves as it’s thick and is bulky in size. You have to be sure with your cutter by which you want to cut the grass.
  • The leaves of the BahiaGrass are uniform and are 2 to 6 mm wide with sharp edges like a blade.
  • The leaves are generally hairless and are hard textured.
  • The basic unit of the grass flower narrowly coincides in two different rows.
  • Each unit of the grass has a small flower which is round in shape and is broad in size.


The flower has a smooth surface and has a shiny look. There are curving stems which are pressed deep inside the ground and the stems also have tiny nodes attached to the grass. Due to these tiny nodes and curving stems a thick cloud is formed. The twigs of the grass reach approximately to a height of 20 to75 cm.

The grass needs a lot of water at the initial stage because its root is very deep and soaks a lot of water. If it does not get water then it can sustain the lack of water for a long time. The grass has to be enriched with nitrogen once in a year. The approximate figure of the nitrogen to be used is two to four pounds for every 1000 square feet.

Uses of BahiaGrass

The BahiaGrass are used for medicinal purposes and plays an important in making some medicines as antigenic reactant. The grass is generally used as silage. The healthy value develops when it gets mature, but is not very fruitful. Sometimes it is also used as an erosion controller of the soil and for the productivity of the soil. These grasses have been used in various festivals and occasions also.

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The Bahia Grass can be grown from both the sides. If someone wants to grow the seeds one can press firmly the stem in the ground or can use the seeds of the grass and the grass will easily grow. If someone chooses to use the grass seeds then one will have to use eight to ten pounds for every thousand square feet.

The seed will take some time to grow but will grow. The time span of the grass to grow is around twenty-eight to thirty days and after that time span the grass will be green as other grasses.

The grass can be grown easily in the shade or without the shade. You just have to cut the grass at a height two inches with a shrill knife and the grass will add beauty in the garden as other grasses do.