Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Ideas and DIY Guide

Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern Ideas and DIY Guide

Christmas and New Year holidays are fast approaching, which means it is time to think about how to decorate the Christmas tree. In this article, we will focus not on toys and garlands, but such a useful decoration of the Christmas tree as a skirt. The skirt under the Christmas tree is not only beautiful, but also somewhat useful: if you have a live Christmas tree, the skirt will gather all the needles and you will not stumble across them all over the house.

Christmas tree skirts can transform and hide flaws in the installation of the Christmas beauty. With a DIY skirt, you can create an unusually beautiful interior, surprise your guests and rejoice your kids. It is not difficult to sew a skirt for the Christmas tree yourself. The main thing is to stock up on material and preferably a sewing machine. If you do not have a machine, then use a needle or even a hot glue gun, depending on the pattern you choose. You can also crochet your skirt.

Using special kits that for example have a Disney print on it will not only make the whole process easier, but will also make your kids happy. You can make it as small or as big as you need based on how big your Christmas tree is. The most popular sizes include 60, 72, and 84-inch Christmas tree skirts.

Here are some ideas for your small Christmas tree project:


If you are familiar with quilting, you can make a fun quilted skirt that will reflect the colors of your Christmas decorations, be it golden, pink, white, blue, or purple. There are plenty of free patterns that you can use to get ideas on how to cut and sew together your fabric. With this Christmas tree skirt, your imagination is the only limit!


A plaid skirt with a ruffle around the edge will create a cozy, natural atmosphere. You can also use some other fabric for the base of the skirt and use plaid fabric with colors that match your Christmas tree around the edge of the skirt or create mini bows from it and decorate your skirt as desired. If you do not want to sew, you can just cut out a circle from a Red and Black Buffalo plaid fleece blanket and then create the fringe around the edge that you can leave as is or tie.


If you want to give a rustic and cozy feel to your Christmas holiday, then use burlap for your Christmas tree skirt. For an even cozier atmosphere, add some fur or lace around the edge. You can also monogram your family’s name or Merry Christmas on it. To make it more interesting, glue on some ornaments, such as stars, snowflakes, mittens, and other Christmas-themed décor.

How to make a Christmas tree skirt?

Here’s a master class that you can use to sew other skirts as well by changing the material and the décor. You start by creating the base of the skirt.

  1. Tie a ribbon or other thread to a pen/pencil and measure out half of the total width of your skirt. Mark it by tying a knot on the other end.
  2. Then, fold the fabric in half and in half again. Secure it with pins.
  3. Place and hold the knot on the corner that does not have any edges (it will be the
    center of your skirt) and draw the round line with the help of your pen tied to the thread.
  4. Cut out your base.
  5. Making flowers is very simple. Cut 3 oblong leaves for one flower and sew or glue them together in the middle like this.
  6. Next, put all the petals together and sew or glue them together to make one flower.

You can decorate the center with beads or anything you like to make them look even more beautiful. Sew or glue the flowers around the edge of the skirt and add buttons or ribbons to secure the skirt around the tree.

Now, you can make an excellent and elegant skirt to decorate the Christmas tree with your own hands with the help of this small master class and the ideas above!