Advantages of Water Lily Flower for a Garden Pond

If you have a garden pond you are going to want to have water plants to go in it. There are many different options available but the most popular is the water lily. The water lily is a beautiful plant that comes in a variety of different colors. Making it easy to get one that is suitable for your pond.

water lily

One of the reasons that water lilies are so great for ponds is that they spread out over the water surface in order to catch all the sunlight they need to grow properly. This not only creates a shelter to help your fish survive those hot summer days, but it also helps to prevent algae from growing.

Water lily flowers closed

Algae requires sunlight to grow, having a water lily blocking most of the sunlight will help to keep your pond looking clean. The water lily can survive in your pond year-round if you live in a region with a temperate climate. It generally blooms during the spring and will produce flowers all summer.

Pink water lily flower and it's leaves

The flower also normally closes at night and then opens again in the morning making for an attractive scene. Some types of water lilies are very fragrant and really enhance your garden with their aroma.

Pink water lily flowers in a lake

Water lilies are possibly the easiest plant to take care of that you will ever have. They obviously don’t need to be watered, nor do they need to be planted. You can simply place them in your pond and leave them alone, they will grow just fine on their own.

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