What is Yucca Plant – Description, Growing, and Cooking Options

The yucca is a tropical bush that grows in the southern United States and Mexico. It is grown primarily for its roots which are eaten in many Latin American dishes. It can also be ground into flour that is used in a great many other dishes.

What is Yucca

The most common use for yucca is as a substitute for potatoes, it is great when added to a stew. It can also be boiled, fried, or roasted. Yucca chips are becoming a popular snack item. The amount of yucca being sold is increasing every year and it is starting to find it’s way into dishes around the world and not just in Latin America.


If you decide you want to grow your own yucca you should realize that it is not the most convenient vegetable in the world to grow and eat.

yucca leaves

It needs to be harvested on time or it will go rotten fairly quickly. Before it can be eaten the root needs to be peeled, which is not easy to do, it requires a very sharp knife. There is also a string-like fiber at the center of the root that is very hard and needs to be removed after you cook the yucca.

yucca flowers

For all of these reasons, most people prefer to buy their yucca at the grocery store rather than trying to grow their own. It is now possible to find bags of frozen yucca that has already been peeled and cut, most people appreciate the convenience of not having to prepare it themselves.